Too many content marketing tools? If you’re new to the content marketing game it can be hard to know where to start to pimp your content. Relax, make yourself a cup of coffee and smile about the fact that there are numerous ways to improve your content. You could just talk to us. (Yes, we plugged ourselves. But hey, it’s our site.) But if you’re not ready to play ball with us yet. Here are some tools for you to use.



Serves as an editor for content writing

Cost is free (although it offers paid advanced options also)
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What can Grammarly do for you? It can help you catch those annoying spelling mistakes that transforms epic content into epic fails. It will help you avoid the grammar police and uses a contextual spelling checker to help you keep your content on point.



Serves the new budding designers to create banners and graphics

Cost is free
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If you are part of a large content marketing team you have the luxury of having access to designers or graphic artists. But sometimes you need to fly solo and produce images quickly. Canva is an image tool that is easy to use, flexible and produces beautiful graphics.



An inbound marketing system used by beginners and professionals

Cost starts from $50/month
Link to site

HubSpot offers an integrated inbound marketing system and with its tools you can create personalized landing pages, emails, web pages, and much, much, much more. At Migaloo – we love HubSpot, because we use it. So, if you want to know more about what HubSpot can do for your content? Visit their website for more information or talk to us.



Answer the Public allows you to research long-tail keywords to use in blog posts and website content

Cost is free
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What it does is basically that you enter a seed keyword related to your business, and it returns a list of related keywords, built out of the autofill feature that search engines use to complete queries.



A better way to manage social media for your business

Free for up to three social media accounts
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For busy business owners, managing their social media accounts and keeping them updated with fresh posts is an ordeal. Buffer brings a great solution by automating the process.


Download our epic guide for social media images