50% happy with content marketingAlmost every business relies on content marketing. Yet, 50% of B2B marketers feel their efforts have not been worthwhile for much.

Seth Godin, the renowned marketing guru stresses that content marketing is the only marketing ploy that needs to be leveraged better. The fact remains though, not many succeed.



Artificial intelligence is right here, making waves and content marketing can derive benefit in this respect.

Although it is believed that AI will save content marketing, don’t jump on the bandwagon just as yet. It certainly won’t be helping you into writing unique stuff, just like that! Duh!

Some chatbots are now smart enough to include relevant data at our fingertips quickly before our query. It is revealed that AI can write complete blogs. And you might have read one and could not have known it. Associated Press for example, has leveraged AI to create their sport and finance articles that feature stats and number-crunching mostly. Engadget on the other hand used a million words and adhered to a few rules to create a “Blogbot” that churned out boring tech announcements. Yes, they were damn stale and too technical! There is after all, a limit to coherence and creativity with AI.

What works always, is quality. Quality content attracts readers. Quality content affects readers. And it offers a unique experience, meeting objectives along the way. Automated content won’t certainly offer that.



Not yet.

Vedant Misra, founder of Kemvi that deals with machine-learning believes that machines will help produce content as they will soon suggest assets to include in developed content, or subsets of content. According to him, the ideation and production process can be automated and executive control will rest with people, themselves.

AI-enabled tools can examine trends and even refer to content each and every reader wants to read. They can even suggest what to read based on behavioral trends and specific data sets.

But developing epic reading material from scratch is something else, isn’t it?

AI content marketing

AI can help in elevating user experience and even suggest better ways to increase conversion rate ideas. It can also deliver intelligent personalization based on data. An AI-enabled platform also helps in serving perfect content throughout a user’s experience, increasing the chances of conversion. Now that’s smart!

It will also help us identify if the copy is crappy or obsolete. Too much content with low intelligence is the norm nowadays. Consumers have indicated more than once – they want extreme value! They yearn for relevance. And they expect a solution when they need it.

As they demand for epic content marketing, the most powerful tool we have is artificial intelligence that augments natural writing skills. Although it won’t be replacing content marketers, it can certainly work alongside the best of us.



AI can help in summarizing content, especially in distilling text based on relevance or come up with word suggestions that suit the context as well as the language.

Google at present does summarize questions, which are fact-based. Advanced summaries need context and a precise view of the information from top search results.

Content marketing banks on search engine optimization best practices for success. AI offers the word application the ability to learn from written things and then research contextual topics, presenting links as required.

AI can be continued to be leveraged for identifying popular topics, and make the written word sound better or more successful. It can provide the support that writers so often need, useful research, intelligent use of keywords for maximum readability and so on.